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Membership Requirements

If you would like to become a member of Vandalia Rotary, please download our application and submit it to the club’s Membership Chair, Pam Farris, via

Click here to download application file

Please also complete this form for our database.


Rotary International requires 50% (fifty percent) attendance at weekly meetings, which can be achieved by attending our Wednesday, 7:30 a.m. breakfast meetings, participating in any project sanctioned by the Club or attending any committee meeting, district conference, Club Board Meeting or International Conference.
It is the responsibility of the Club member to make up missed meetings and for reporting it to the Club.
Attendance waivers can be secured by a formal vote of the Board of Directors. If due to legitimate, temporary circumstance such as illness, family or business demands, a member knows he/she will be unable to attend weekly meetings, a written request should be made to the Board of Directors for their approval. The member will still be required to pay dues and assessments but the weekly breakfast fee will be waived during the time a member has been approved for excused absence.

Dues and Assessments:
Please contact President Stephanie Coleman for more information.
Club Service:
  • All new members are expected to attend/serve as follows:
  • Attend 50 percent of the regular meetings.
  • Attend one meeting of the Board of Directors. (Meets the third Wednesday of each month immediately following the regular meeting)
  • Be a greeter at the door on Wednesday mornings. 
  • Lead at least one invocation and pledge during the first year of your membership.
  • Participate in a committee.
  • Participate in at least one service project.
  • Bring your family (parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, etc.) and friends to our Club meeting.
  • Secure at least 2 programs for the Club annually and introduce them.
  • Secure at least 2 new members for the Club.
  • Display the 4-Way Test at your place of business.